If it’s December, you know it’s that time of year again: 


Time to count down our most popular blog posts of 2019!


The most surprising thing about our top five blog posts this year is the variety of topics they cover. A overarching theme of interest isn’t necessarily obvious simply from looking at the most popular posts. If there is one, though, it may best be described as “business continuity.” 


Business continuity isn’t only experienced during the recovery from cyberattacks. Businesses face a variety of obstacles to continuing existence (not to mention achieving success). Losing access to trusted software and services is a fact of continuing digital development. Manufacturers, developers and providers cannot endlessly divide their attention in efforts to maintain outdated software created for less efficient systems and simultaneously create the innovative and efficient solutions businesses demand. Thus, we have the end of life (or end of support) for some (not so) beloved Microsoft products.


Our fifth most popular post from 2019 was our advisory on Microsoft SQL Server 2008’s mid-year end-of-life. Hopefully, that headache is over for most. Of course, now law firms and other small businesses running other Microsoft products losing support in 2020 need to make sure their migration plans for those systems are in order.  


Fortunately, when law firms and other organizations partner with Innovative Computing Systems, they get an IT managed service provider who has a long history in their industries and focuses on its clients’ future growth. Our legal technology expertise can help smooth the rough patches when your systems are falling out of date, your technology is experiencing unexplained downtime or your IT expenses just don’t seem to be paying off. Contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-541-0450.