Even as technology drastically evolves, telephone systems continue to play a crucial role. Business still runs on human touch. Having published phone numbers, being able to place and receive calls, having a reception team answer calls, and hosting conferences are the backbone of companies.

Telephone systems have changed dramatically over the decades, and we’ve stayed ahead of the curve. Businesses today require an all-in-one communication system that integrates with existing systems, unifies communications, and maintains privacy and security.

We are proud to partner with 8×8. Using with their amazing technology, our highly skilled and certified engineers will design, implement, and support the phone system that fits your needs.

Our solutions include:

  • Design, customize, and implement new 8×8 phone systems

  • Integrate 8×8 and Microsoft Teams together for unified communication

  • Migration of other telephone systems to 8×8

  • Expert review and audit of existing 8×8 systems

  • Ongoing support of 8×8 phone systems