Who is Innovative Computing Systems?

Innovative was started in 1989 by Michael Kemps, who decided to form a computer networking products and services company that stressed network simplicity and efficiency, allowing clients greater productivity.

Our firm is deeply committed to efficiency through technology. We will never accept mediocrity as a solution to a problem. We are completely dedicated to the implementation of sound technology and will not rest until all of our clients have adopted this philosophy. However, we will never berate or cajole clients to accomplish this goal; rather, we will act as “beacons of light” for the new technological era, beckoning clients out of the darkness.

Innovative Computing Systems stands for integrity. Our honesty, sincerity and commitment to satisfy our clients set us apart from other integration firms.

We are dedicated to the personal and professional growth of our team members. We will work diligently, day in and day out, to ensure the wellbeing of each team member. Innovative Computing Systems is a “family” operation that believes in team strength over individual power. Our open-door policy gives team members the rights and responsibilities to challenge management in an effort to make Innovative Computing Systems better than it was yesterday, better than it is today.

This is what Innovative Computing Systems is about. We believe in ourselves and in our ability to accomplish anything as a team.

  • We Act with Integrity – We are ethically unyielding and inspire trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action that we take.

  • We Take Accountability – We do what we say, always meet our commitments, and take full responsibility for our performance, our decisions and our actions.

  • We Work as a Team – We foster collaboration, work together to meet our common goals, and act in the best interest of the team and organization over that of self.

  • We Serve our Clients – Our clients are why we’re in business! We are responsive, committed to exceeding our promises, and we create long-term relationships. We want our clients to be more than satisfied; we want them to be delighted.

  • We Innovate – We embrace a passion for excellence, creativity and new ideas, constantly researching and creating better products, services and processes.

  • We Show Respect – We treat one another, clients, partners and suppliers with respect and compassion; we recognize the importance of diversity, work-life balance, and value each individual for their unique talents and contributions.

“The dreams of one, if never shared, dissolve into the night.
The dreams of one, if freely bared, become the force of might.”

Why should you rely on Innovative Computing Systems?

While many managed service providers do not even ask for customer feedback after every interaction, we have received a 92 Customer Satisfaction score over the past 90 days versus a 2021 national average of 77.

*Source: American Customer Satisfaction Index, Computer Software Benchmark, 2021,  https://www.theacsi.org/industries/telecommunications-and-information/computer-software/ and proprietary Innovative Computing Systems, Inc. SmileBack CSAT feedback. For the latest, see www.innovativecomp.com/whyics.

Why Law Firms Choose Innovative Computing Systems

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