News this week that a series of cyberattacks and data breaches at North American law firms in 2015 was worse than initially reported (isn’t that always the case?) was seemingly timed with the release of a bevy of new articles and information sheets on cybersecurity by our staff.


5things-thumbnail.pngIf you don’t receive our email updates and, thus, haven’t reviewed your copies of these safety documents, you can access them by clicking the links below.

One of our Systems Engineers, Charles Koo, offers two pieces to help clarify security and the cloud for legal professionals. First, he gives law firm IT staff a quick five-day path to improved cybersecurity. In a second article, Charles discusses the recent survey results finding that nearly 40 percent of lawyers don’t believe they use the cloud.

We’re also offering two quick information sheets on What to Do After a Law Firm Data Breach and – coming next week – an introduction to the Most Common Forms of Two-Factor Authentication to help you improve your security and effectively and efficiently alert_icon.jpgreact should your defenses be foiled.

In Cybersecurity Law & Strategy, CEO Michael Kemps coauthored an article with Kimberly Pease, CISSP, Vice President of Citadel Information Group, on the Human Factor in Information Security.

Here’s to hoping for a safer information security year!

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