Teams from Innovative Computing Systems have been attending the annual International Legal Technology Association’s Conference (ILTACON) for about nine years. We’re almost certain this was one was the best conferences yet. We can say with absolute certainty it was one of our best trade shows ever!

We truly enjoyed being stopped in the hallway by old friends, meeting new attendees, attending the many sessions and demos and, generally, enjoying being around those interested in legal technology and its usefulness for law firms — from the smallest to the largest.


Michael Kemps, our CEO, was invited to speak on two panels about moving law firms to the cloud. They were very well attended and Michael immensely appreciated those who stopped by our booth to talk to him about his take on that subject and more. The glowing reaction to his insights on the panel only made the conference that much better for us.

You can listen to the sessions or view slides from the presentations at:

Shooting for the Clouds: An In-Depth Look at Cloud Computing


What To Expect When Considering the Cloud

To give you an idea of our team’s experiences at this year’s ILTACON, check out the quotes below from some of our 2015 attendees.




The Innovative Computing Systems ILTACON 2015 Team, left to right: Solutions Consultant Catherine Singh, Marketing Specialist William Pate, CEO Michael Kemps, CTO Mike Paul, Director of Solutions Consulting Ted Glutz and Director of Training Dodie Edelstein.


Dodie Edelstein, Director of Training:

The coolest new app I came across was Xref, a proofreading tool written by an attorney to help attorneys find discrepancies in their documents, add cross-references with ease, find definitions that aren’t defined in the Terms and locate terms that are used inconsistently. It also ensures the correct number of spaces after a period (one). It takes the laborious task of proofing and helps identify areas to eliminate costly mistakes!


Ted Glutz, Director of Solutions Consulting:


The 2015 ILTACON marks my 20th Conference. Somewhere in the fog of the show last week, somebody asked me how long I’d been participating and that shocking truism overwhelmed me for a few moments. It immediately took me back. I saw images of the people I joined at my first show and with whom I subsequently became life-long friends — Cathy Reilly, Helene Newman, Sean Curry (we were rookies together) — and so many more. I, especially, remembered Sharon Swartworth, my Army Warrant Officer mentor, who reached out to me and asked if I want to join her at this, what might end up being a really cool technology show in Camelback, Arizona.


Twenty years can provide for a lot of reflection, but more than anything else, the Conference just makes me think about the most peculiar week of the year, where some of the greatest minds in legal technology come together and share thoughts, ideas, gotchas and new contact information, so that peers, who would be competitors in any other industry, can avoid potential pitfalls and just be successful. Wow! Thanks, ILTA!

On a lighter note, when our marketing specialist asked me about the “coolest” technology at the show. I told him, “The ILTA app.”


The ILTA app has truly become an invaluable tool for the International Legal Technology Association’s annual Conference. In past years, it seemed like the Conference should have started with a session on how to use the app, but it has evolved into one of the most useful and intuitive apps I’ve ever used! From simply pulling up the agenda on the ILTA app, where it shows what sessions are happening in real time, to the integration of speaker, venue and agenda item — all first class! Careful how high you set the bar, ILTA. Next year we get GPS tracking, too, right?! 


William Pate, Marketing Specialist (that would be me):


As a new employee at Innovative, this was my first ILTACON. If there’s one thing I can say, it’s that it’s big! Not only is the event big — allowing one to view myriad products and services from vendors worldwide — but also physically/geographically. The event space (Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas) was huge! If you’re dressing up, be sure to bring a pair of comfy wingtips.


More seriously, though, as a still-rather-new employee, I found the Conference to be a great teambuilding exercise. Colleagues from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin joined together in Las Vegas to make this year’s Conference the best.


Last, but certainly not least, meeting Innovative’s current and future clients and partners was of the utmost value to me â€” and not just because I’m new. These relationships are important to me to ensure we continue to offer and improve on our top-notch services and support.


One more thing: Companies want you to take their free giveaway items (tchotchkes) home — so don’t be shy about grabbing a few!


The party is over now, but let the education continue! Time for everyone to get back to work, but don’t stop learning and sharing.


We look forward to seeing you at next year’s ILTACON at National Harbor in D.C.!

If we didn’t get a chance to chat, please get in touch!