Find Out Why Your Law Firm Needs Cloud Disaster Recovery

Law firms increasingly rely on technology, and a technology disruption for a few days or even a few hours can result in the loss of billable time, regulatory non-compliance penalties, security breach, or worse. When people think of disasters, they typically think of hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, or floods but for a law firm, even a failed server or network outage can be a disaster.

If your firm has 20 lawyers who bill out at hundreds of dollars per hour, even one hour of network downtime per month means that your firm will lose $54,000 (based on $225/hour billable rate) in billable revenue per year; and that does not even include other costs associated with downtime. If a serious disaster happens and the firm’s operations are down for a week, that is $180,000 lost in billable revenue. Protecting your law firm’s data and
ensuring business continuity is critical to your firm’s continued success. In this document, we will discuss the business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) issues that are critical to the legal industry including:

• The exponential growth of data
• Ethical and key compliance regulations impacting law firms
• Security best practices
• Tips for reducing downtime

The core asset of every law firm is data, and keeping this data secure and available can be a complicated task. However, if you follow the best practices discussed in this document, you can keep your law firm’s data secure and highly available and protect your firm from lost revenues, compliance penalties, loss of client trust and customers, and damage to your reputation.

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