By now, you know what a SIEM is and how it works (read our last two posts for a refresher). So, who needs a SIEM and why?

Who Needs a SIEM?

With today’s complex cybersecurity environment, a SIEM solution is critical to keeping businesses ahead of the latest threats. Organizations in industries with compliance requirements (healthcare, finance, accounting, government and auto dealerships) and organizations trying to qualify for cybersecurity insurance will find a SIEM solution essential.

Why SIEM? 

  • Compliance auditing and reporting
  • Full network visibility
  • Real-time threat recognition
  • Fast detection and response
  • Cybersecurity insurance requirements
  • Forensic investigation support

Schedule a complimentary SIEM demo to learn more. And in the meantime, check out the below video highlighting even more reasons to have a SIEM.