Thanks to many recent well-known security breaches, a desire has arisen to better understand law firm and professional service organizations’ information network vulnerabilities. What systems are vulnerable? How can we best secure the environment if we don’t know all the vulnerabilities? How can we best secure our data stored in the cloud? How do we know when we’re being hacked? How can we best secure our on-premises infrastructure? How do we secure my general computing environment? Are there systems we don’t even know about – a whole rogue IT infrastructure?

These are extremely tough questions due to the varied natures of the systems and clients we encounter. Some clients have a robust understanding of security and want to get the last 20 percent secured. Others are beginners and need simple clear-cut instructions to help improve their security posture. One thing I tell all of them is: You cannot set it and forget it. Threats are constantly evolving and no one solution solves all issues.

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