The pandemic proved a great motivator for reluctant law firms to finally make the move to the cloud. Now, firms are facedcloud budget with learning how to use their cloud-based technology more effectively and efficiently — and get the most from their cloud budget.

Innovative Account Manager Amy Kosey offers ten tips for maximizing and optimizing your cloud budget in her recent Attorney at Work article. Here, in brief, are the first five:

  1. Review your environment to determine where things can be consolidated, updated or replaced.
  2. Review your applications annually or biannually to see if a vendor-hosted platform is a better alternative. 
  3. Review all storage.
  4. Understand the cost of managing your existing environment — a cloud infrastructure may require redesigning your in-house IT.
  5. Make sure to get outside help from providers that have experience with cloud migrations and can tailor service for you. 

Read the full article for elaboration on all ten tips.