Lawyers understand the need to secure and protect their clients’ data, but because there are so many options for secure storage, many firms struggle to decide on the best, most practical option.


Do you want to buy and maintain servers in your own data center? Is cloud storage safe enough? Is there a middle ground that makes sense? Law firms – especially small firms and solo practitioners – often don’t have the time or the resources to research all the options available today.


For a quick, easy breakdown of some of the options, we suggest heading over to California Lawyer to read a recent article they published, “Data Forecast: Partly Cloudy” (in which our own Brian Ruthruff is quoted). The author clearly and concisely crystalizes today’s options.


Consider the article your first stop in your law firm’s journey to safe, secure and practical storage of important firm and client data. To explore options in greater depth, give the experts at Innovative a call, or download our cloud storage case study by clicking on the orange button below.