VMware: the gold-standard for virtualization technology. Amazon Web Services (AWS): the gold-standard for cloud-based computing.


VMware Cloud on AWS: the joining of these two bedrock technologies into a truly compelling offering for a firm’s diverse technology needs. Law firms will soon have this attractive new option for developing their cloud footprint while maintaining the flexibility and advanced feature-set of their existing VMware infrastructure.


While it is likely that more and more of your firm’s technology footprint has recently moved to the cloud, the benefits of on-premises hardware for speed, flexibility, desired support levels and pricing have no doubt been barriers to a completely cloud-based infrastructure. In response, many organizations have embraced a hybrid approach, leveraging the reliability of the cloud for specific services while retaining their on-premises equipment for the rest (or vice versa).



With this new offering, implementing a hybrid strategy for your VMware infrastructure will deserve serious consideration. The promise of vSphere integration suggests that the underlying hosts, both in AWS and on-premises, should be – for all intents and purposes – indistinguishable.


This is a welcome reprieve for anyone who has struggled with maintaining separate interfaces and expertise for their cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Moreover, it should entice many firms who have thus far been hesitant to embrace a cloud or hybrid approach. It may signal the time to test the water and venture “into the cloud” for the first time. vmware[1].pngWith the ability to seamlessly migrate your virtual machines between on-premises and cloud hosts, you can leverage the reliability and scalability of AWS’ hardware as needed – without going through the ordeal and commitment of a permanent migration away from your existing infrastructure.


Are your on-premises servers running low on storage, CPU or memory? If you are not prepared for the capital expense of new hardware, or finding it necessary to add a few “9’s” to your uptime for critical services, you’ll no doubt enjoy the ability to quietly upload some of your servers into the cloud – and back again, if so desired. With VMware Cloud on AWS, the bridge between on-premises and in-cloud is just a few clicks away.


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