Are you preparing for your holiday vacation? Planning to do a little work while you’re away?

Oftentimes, law firms overlook the security of their mobile devices.


As your employees leave for the holidays, use this new article by Tim Sheehan, our Director of Professional Services, to ensure their devices — and your information — are secure.


A taste:


The holiday season is upon us when, in the hustle and bustle, we can sometimes overlook securing one of the most important communication and productivity tools in our modern lives: mobile devices. Mobile phones, laptops and tablets are ubiquitous. Whether BYOD (bring your own device) or company-provided, we take for granted when this technology works day in and day out. We are lost—and your law firm’s security is threatened—when they fail or get damaged, stolen or compromised. Here are some tips to help you minimize technological difficulties during this busy time of year.


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