Our fourth most popular blog of 2019 falls outside the strict theme of “business continuity” as it was a recount of a personal phishing attack I experienced (and have experienced again since). Nonetheless, it is just these personal attacks that lead to cybersecurity breaches of larger organizations. In fact, cybercriminals are often able to reuse the credentials they discover in successful cyberattacks against individuals’ personal data to access corporate and other accounts. 


Cybersecurity awareness training is essential in enabling employees to proactively identify, avoid and/or mitigate threats to their personal and your and your clients’ confidential data. 


Simply put, businesses that don’t fall victim to successful cyberattacks have a much higher likelihood of continuity. 


Check out the three tech tips we shared last week to help you prepare your technology for 2020. Contact us for help enhancing your law firm’s cybersecurity.