Our most popular blog post this year was a look at our long-time partner iManage’s RAVN software. With an eye toward its usefulness for legal professionals, senior consultant Brian Piatek explained what the software does:


iManage RAVN is many things: indexer, drafting assistant, field extractor and artificial intelligence engine. RAVN is not magic – it is the product of deep thinking by very smart people in England and Chicago who had an idea of making it easier and faster for law firms and corporations to process information.iManage RAVN logo

That wraps up our top five blog posts of 2019. Thank you to Brian, who has shared similarly useful tips on document naming conventions and other IT-related matters, and all our other contributors.


We already have great things planned to share in 2020. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog. We’ll be posting a new tip to help law firms secure their data every day in January 2020.


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