Microsoft’s recent update to Windows Domain Controllers to patch a critical vulnerability, ZeroLogon, has significantly impacted companies using older operating systems and devices that haven’t been updated to allow secure logins.


Microsoft’s update requires all devices to use secure authentication. Any device using insecure authentication methods is blocked and may be unable to properly function. 


Further, organizations using Server 2008 R2  or older systems cannot be patched without breaking connectivity.


Were you prepared for this update? Are your systems impacted by this update?


Innovative Computing Systems can provide a quick review of your potentially affected servers and provide guidance on next steps. Your situation may mean merely demoting a server in your environment, or it could mean upgrading or completely decommissioning. In any case, we can help your firm react quickly to this situation, as well as help you plan for your future technological needs. Contact an Innovative Account Executive by calling 1-800-541-0450, emailing [email protected] or clicking below.