There are some common questions we receive regarding iManage. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to provide quick answers to some of the most common questions. 


First up: How do I change the view of iManage folders/workspaces? How do I replicate this change to all workspaces/folders?


To edit the view:


  • Highlight the folder in FileSite
  • Go to View Tab
  • Go to View Setting

Sharee-iManage 1-1


  • Make your changes
  • Save your changes (this will save the changes only for the workspace/folder you made the change to)

Sharee-iManage 2


To replicate this change to all workspace/folders using this view:


  • Go to the View Tab
  • Choose another view from the Change View menu
  • Set it back to the correct view


Sharee-iManage 3


 That should change the view and replicate it across all folders/workspaces. 


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