Legal professionals often equate iManage with only document management. What many don’t know is that iManage offers much more. In a reflection of iManage’s â€œmaking knowledge work” mission statement, the solution allows you to demonstrate the full value of your experience no matter what device you’re using by giving you the ability to incorporate other sources of analytical and practical data to discover contextually relevant content, expertise, best practices and insights on whatever you’re working on.


Today we’ll discuss the third of twelve products offered by iManage that can help legal professionals work collaboratively and intelligently to achieve their goals. 

iManage Share allows for fast, easy and secure collaboration. One of the biggest challenges to any law firm is providing the ability for file sharing to external parties. Consumer file-sharing solutions create data governance and security challenges due to governance policies, access control and audit trails that must be replicated and maintained across systems. iManage Share addresses these challenges by providing professionals with a file-sharing solution that is as easy to use as consumer applications and satisfies a law firm’s data governance and security needs while integrating seamlessly into the legal professional workflow so that productivity is enhanced rather than hampered.


iManage Share provides a secure, cloud-based sharing solution that ranges from secure email attachments to large file exchanges and even shared collaboration folders. iManage Share enables users to access their private and shared content. It also enables the firm’s administrators to govern user access and company content.


Key features of iManage Share include:


  • Integration with workflows allowing knowledge workers to share, edit and collaborate within iManage Work;
  • Ability to share files directly from within Microsoft Outlook;
  • Provides a secure, firm-branded web portal that gives the clients access to their documents from a single interface;
  • Enables on-the-go collaboration from any device; and
  • Option to monitor access to files to know what is shared with whom.


Learn more about iManage Share in this video: 


Sharee Schuchardt is a Senior Systems Engineer with Innovative Computing Systems, Inc. With over 15 years of IT experience, she has specialized in iManage support for nearly a decade. 


Elizabeth DeLuna, a Systems Engineer with Innovative Computing Systems, Inc., has specialized in iManage support for most of her career.