Legal professionals often equate iManage with only document management. What many don’t know is that iManage offers much more. In a reflection of iManage’s making knowledge work mission statement, the solution allows you to demonstrate the full value of your experience no matter what device you’re using by giving you the ability to incorporate other sources of analytical and practical data to discover contextually relevant content, expertise, best practices and insights on whatever you’re working on.

Today we’ll discuss two more products offered by iManage that can help legal professionals work collaboratively and intelligently to achieve their goals. 

iManage Extract uses artificial intelligence to automate the extraction of critical data points to create structured data that enhances the quality of legal and contract services. It allows you to automatically discover valuable knowledge hidden in unstructured data and documents with extraction software that uses artificial intelligence to find the right information for the context.

Legal professionals, like all knowledge workers, perform better and make more informed decisions with an accurate understanding of their position in legal documents. By transforming unstructured information from legal documents into useful structured data, knowledge workers get more value out of existing documents, expedite review time and leverage extracted data to gain insight into business and contractual risk, empowering teams to inform negotiations and make decisions faster.

Some key features are:

  • Connect to iManage Work and other document repositories or simply upload documents using drag and drop;
  • Use machine learning to cluster and classify documents based on the content;
  • Identify key information from documents through an extensive Extractor Library or use the Extractor Toolbox to easily train new extractors;
  • Create workflows to manage training, review and quality assurance processes;
  • Conduct bulk searches and connect to external systems to export data create dashboards and populate documents. 

Check out this video on iManage Extract:




iManage Insight allows knowledge workers to excel by giving them easy access to the right information in context when they need it. 

iManage Insight makes it simple to connect and surface information to adopt best practices and locate experts, unlocking knowledge workers to bring the best of the organization to every interaction. Transform collective knowledge into insights to find experts, best practices and connect to enterprise data for better results. Build connections across people, systems and content to receive highly relevant and accurate search results right at your fingertips. Discover the best knowledge and content no matter where it’s stored and reuse best practices all with a single search. Make the most of knowledge workers’ expertise and easily find relevant content with intelligent access to knowledge worker’ latest thinking and market insight.

Some key features are:

  • Preconfigured search experiences support full-text search queries, with the ability to easily switch context across matters, experts, and other best practices as users search and explore;
  • Real-time predictive text, and the ability to join queries together make it easy to find exactly what users need to get answers, not just search results;
  • Search recognizes information about the user, practice area, or active matters and prioritizes search results most likely to be of interest; 
  • Customizable ranking algorithm and relevance tuning allow users to weight results, reducing search time and giving them the power to focus on the task at hand;
  • Knowledge search allows users to narrow search results by applying multiple filters based on classification of the items making it easy to refine search results;
  • Advanced previewing with heatmaps makes it easy to preview, interact with and view insights, contextual metadata, and content related to search results before you open them;
  • A rich preview experience that changes the way users view search results and gather information as well as see other related content. 


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Sharee Schuchardt is a Senior Systems Engineer with Innovative Computing Systems, Inc. With over 15 years of IT experience, she has specialized in iManage support for nearly a decade. 

Elizabeth DeLuna, a Systems Engineer with Innovative Computing Systems, Inc., has specialized in iManage support for most of her career.