Legal professionals often equate iManage with only document management. What many don’t know is that iManage offers much more. In a reflection of iManage’s making knowledge work mission statement, the solution allows you to demonstrate the full value of your experience no matter what device you’re using by giving you the ability to incorporate other sources of analytical and practical data to discover contextually relevant content, expertise, best practices and insights on whatever you’re working on.

Today we’ll discuss two more products offered by iManage that can help legal professionals work securely, collaboratively and intelligently to achieve their goals. 

iManage Business Intake Manager is a powerful workflow solution that embeds industry best practices into your process requirements, helps eliminate silos across departments and allows appropriate information sharing while maintaining security.

iManage Business Intake Manager provides sophisticated workflow capabilities that are scalable, configurable, modular and secure. iManage Business Intake Manager helps guide legal professionals through the intake process by getting certain information to specific users regarding business decisions and compliance decisions. iManage Business Intake Manager lets the data do the work by leveraging things like the logged-in user to specific field values to send notifications or route data or change the request based upon actions taken by a knowledge worker. iManage Business Intake Manager also leverages data to enforce client policies and handle common exceptions. With automation, the intake team can move through repetitive tasks quickly and focus on novel requests. Using data and automation to enforce firm policy allows the intake team to quickly move through standard requests such as triggering approvals using data in the request sheet and automated business rules. Common requests from knowledge workers can be codified into decisions and handled by the workflow, freeing up the intake team to focus on unusual circumstances. Knowledge workers can manage changes effectively, mitigating risk across the client and matter lifecycle.

iManage Business Intake Manager is sophisticated, evolved and flexible intake software designed to simplify and accelerate compliant business acceptance. Streamline client and matter acceptance, surface key information, and minimize manual processing  on any device. Achieve auditable compliance with organizational internal policy and external regulatory requirements throughout the onboarding process. Surface critical data to key intake user roles via intuitive interfaces, supporting multiple sub-processes and tasks. Ensure right-time data capture from optimal sources and govern data flowing to and from seamlessly integrated systems. Realize long-term value by leveraging modular approaches to enable the delivery of processes beyond client/matter management.

Some key features are:

  • Deep integration with iManage Conflicts Manager and iManage Work products for seamless processing;
  • Developed to provide cradle-to-grave coverage of the client/matter or project lifecycle, from business intake to closure;
  • Built-in business intelligence delivered via a range of configurable management information reports;
  • Discrete Corporate Intelligence interface supports ongoing, proactive management of valuable company ownership data;
  • Subject matter expert-led implementations based on sector experience, using a proven, consultative approach and methodology.

iManage Conflicts Manager is an efficient conflict checking and clearance management software for the knowledge worker. It is an advanced software application that provides firms with a 360-degree view of both ethical and business conflicts, thus optimizing loss prevention efforts and increasing revenue to bring relevant information to the surface quickly.

iManage Conflicts Manager allows for the addition and maintenance of conflicts relevant information that is not officially contained in other systems and allows that extended information to relate to records from other systems. It provides several options for tracker clearance of surfaced issues. iManage Conflicts Manager uses AI-supported issue spotting, interactive multi-device clearance options and comprehensive audit history – all implemented and continuously enhanced and supported by industry experts. iManage Conflicts Manager delivers long-term cost-effective risk management that helps standardize and ensure a fast, simplified conflicts check process that eliminates lengthy and complex staff training. iManage Conflicts Manager leverages data contained in firm systems to provide insight into current and historical relationships. It can also read from other firm systems to provide insight and context around results, including integration with iManage products such as iManage Work and Security Policy Manager.

iManage Conflicts Manager is time-critical and high stakes. The knowledge worker needs to be able to quickly perform a comprehensive analysis of results.

Some key search features that help with analysis include maintainable synonyms, configurable search settings by search terms and accessible filters.

Other key benefits include:

  • Get optimized search and analysis, tailored reporting, and flexible clearance handling via desktop or mobile;
  • Trusted results delivered via an intuitive interface that organizes massive data volumes into a consumable format;
  • Intelligent search processing streamlines repetitive tasks, increasing conflicts expert time for high-value analysis;
  • Single search core internal platforms, bespoke databases, and key external sources;
  • Embed change with additional iManage product integrations;
  • Delivers fast, standardized, simplified conflicts check processes that eliminate lengthy and complex staff training;
  • Combine the solution with our expertise to ensure quality data capture and extended downstream value.