Legal professionals often equate iManage with only document management. What many don’t know is that iManage offers much more. In a reflection of iManage’s ‘making knowledge work’ mission statement, the solution allows you to demonstrate the full value of your experience no matter what device you’re using by giving you the ability to incorporate other sources of analytical and practical data to discover contextually relevant content, expertise, best practices and insights on whatever you’re working on.

Today we’ll finish our blog series highlighting the features iManage offers firms beyond just document management.


iManage Security Policy Manager allows law firms to enforce need-to-know security and information barriers at scale to meet the growing needs of clients, regulatory and company obligations without sacrificing user productivity and system performance – from an intuitive, role-based interface with anywhere, anytime access. Secure critical content across multiple repositories with need-to-know security access, without affecting productivity or performance.”

iManage Security Policy Manager is the most comprehensive confidentiality solution, delivering need-to-know access to sensitive material regardless of location, or information barriers that enforce separation for lateral hires, new clients, or mergers. Whether used on-premises or via the iManage Cloud, it delivers data protection at scale to meet the complexity of security policies, without impacting organization productivity or inconveniencing professionals by getting in the way of how they want to work. Minimize organizational risk by segmenting critical content helps minimize the impact of a cyber breach by limiting data exposure. Eliminate performance issues with security updates applied efficiently to remove challenges associated with administrating policies at scale. Client, project, or matter centricity removes the need to interpret overlapping information barriers. 

Some key features are:

  • Security and governance built into the fabric of the knowledge platform to protect all content;
  • Extensible REST API and agent framework broadens the reach of Security Policy Manager to support new systems; 
  • Options allow assistants to follow timekeepers to enable automatic enforcement of access rights and exclusions;
  • Visual cues in iManage Work and Records Manager clients clearly indicate security policies, eliminating access ambiguity;
  • The end-user console allows knowledge workers an “at-a-glance” view of the highly sensitive projects they are authorized to work on;
  • Email policies defined in Security Policy Manager can be enforced by partner products. 

Check out this video: Securing a Client using iManage Security Policy Manager (SPM) 

iManage Threat Manager is a monitoring service that delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities including threat detection, monitoring, forensic investigation, alerts and reporting to protect sensitive information in iManage Work, 24/7 across any device, anywhere.

iManage Threat Manager is designed to meet the needs of CIOs, CSOs and compliance officers looking for advanced solutions to protect sensitive data. Threat Manager leverages historical and contextual information in the iManage system to provide faster identification of both external and internal threats and avoids “false positives” that plague many other approaches. Manage and reduce the risk associated with lateral departures, employee attrition and user error. Protect sensitive information with cutting-edge technology and advanced forensics that detects threats faster to safeguard critical knowledge work. Prevent data loss rapidly by detecting and neutralizing sophisticated threats with smart alerts.

Some key features are:

  • Machine learning and adaptive behavioral modeling detects and neutralizes malicious attacks;
  • IP analytics to detect attacks involving compromised credentials aka phishing attacks;
  • Near real-time threat detection and powerful forensics to detect and neutralize attacks quickly;
  • Compliance reports to detect non-filers;
  • User, client, and matter activity reports to manage sensitive information with greater visibility and control;
  • Outlier analysis detects sophisticated attacks performed at low activity levels. 

Check out this video: iManage Threat Manager Overview and Benefits 

iManage Records Manager is the industry-leading records management application used by legal professionals to manage both electronic and physical records on any device and from any location. A modern web-based interface delivers governance and legal hold capabilities for a variety of physical and electronic assets including physical files, electronic documents, and emails, ensuring information is retained based on organization retention policies and then disposed of when it reaches end of life. Manage both physical and electronic records without slowing down knowledge workers by using integrated governance policies that monitor and enforce compliance. 

iManage Records Manager is an intuitive interface for physical and electronic Records Management to keep your business compliant. With seamless iManage Work integration, iManage Records Manager controls risk, reduces cost and increases user adoption with a consistent knowledge worker experience. iManage Records Manager provides flexible retention policies that can be applied to content in iManage Work and Records Manager, as well as Windows file shares and other systems. It incorporates a single policy control system, eliminating the need to control and manage records retention policies across multiple systems.

Some key features are:

  • The only authorized records management application that seamlessly integrates with iManage Work;
  • Records are visible alongside documents and emails in iManage Work;
  • Reduces business risk with policy-based retention, archiving and disposition rules;
  • Integration with iManage Security Policy Manager provides need-to-know access controls to sensitive content across different departments and multiple teams;
  • Automatic declaration of records and assignment of retention policies improves user adoption;
  • Offers easy transition from legacy records management systems. 

Check out this video: Overview of IRM 

As the security and threat landscape continues to evolve and create ever more complex challenges, iManage strives to meet these challenges with various products. Through intelligent document and email management, iManage turns the information locked in business content and communications into knowledge. 

Building upon iManage with these other products allows knowledge workers to know that they are working productively, smarter, and securely. 

Take advantage of iManage’s extensive industry and process experience, plus feature-rich integrations with other iManage products. If you want more information about how iManage can do more than document management for your firm, contact an Innovative Account Executive at 1-800-541-0450 or [email protected]. 


Sharee Schuchardt is a Senior Systems Engineer with Innovative Computing Systems, Inc. With over 15 years of IT experience, she has specialized in iManage support for nearly a decade.


Elizabeth DeLuna, a Systems Engineer with Innovative Computing Systems, Inc., has specialized in iManage support for most of her career.