Legal professionals often equate iManage with only document management. What many don’t know is that iManage offers much more. In a reflection of iManage’s â€œmaking knowledge work” mission statement, the solution allows you to demonstrate the full value of your experience no matter what device you’re using by giving you the ability to incorporate other sources of analytical and practical data to discover contextually relevant content, expertise, best practices and insights on whatever you’re working on.


Today we’ll discuss the second of twelve products offered by iManage that can help legal professionals work collaboratively and intelligently to achieve their goals. 

iManage Drive is an iManage Work 10 client application that allows you to work with matters offline. This allows you to access your files with or without Internet connectivity. iManage Drive provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to the iManage document management system. iManage Drive enables effective information management by increasing DMS adoption while eliminating data silos and improving security and governance. With iManage Drive, knowledge workers can take documents or entire workspaces offline, then sync automatically.


iManage Drive has the tools to help power users do more like rename files in bulk, work with zip files or upload third-party apps. iManage Drive delivers faster performance and a better user experience for remote offices. It also lets users access, edit and save directly to Work 10.


iManage Drive empowers every knowledge worker to work more productively with business content and communications. Drive looks and feels like a shared network drive, enabling users to easily store, search and retrieve documents with no training required.


Some of the key benefits of iManage Drive include the abilities to:


  • Map Drive as a drive in Windows File Explorer, giving it the look and feel of a local network drive;
  • Synchronize a selection of workspaces from iManage Work to a local drive, thus making the files in these workspaces available on your local machine for access anytime and anywhere with or without Internet connectivity;
  • Ensures changes to local files are reflected in iManage Work and vice versa; and
  • Make subfolders within iManage Drive that are reflected in the workspace.  


Learn more about iManage Drive in this video: 


Sharee Schuchardt is a Senior Systems Engineer with Innovative Computing Systems, Inc. With over 15 years of IT experience, she has specialized in iManage support for nearly a decade. 


Elizabeth DeLuna, a Systems Engineer with Innovative Computing Systems, Inc., has specialized in iManage support for most of her career.