We continue our series of quick steps to improve your law firm’s cybersecurity with another short suggestion from Systems Engineer Charles Koo. 


Tip 2: Run Security Patch Updates and Create a Schedule for Future Updates. Often, patching systems is considered maintenance work and becomes a chore that is disruptive, as workstations, laptops, servers and network equipment may need servicing or, at the very least, to be rebooted. It’s easy to fall behind on patching systems. But these preventive measures are considered low-hanging fruit for hackers. They often exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to a system and, using privilege escalation, pivot to other internal systems. Spend day two running your security patch updates and creating a schedule to regularly install security patches.


One aspect of cybersecurity is proactive maintenance. Ensuring your systems are up-to-date is an essential information security practice. 


Next week: Tip 3: Beef Up Your Human Firewall

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