The monstrous cost of cybersecurity failure is demonstrated in headlines daily:

Equifax and Facebook were fined $700 million and $5 billion, respectively, by the Federal Trade Commission in recent days. (File a claim with Equifax here.)


In Europe, British Airways and Marriott International were fined $230 million Screenshot_2019-07-25 2018 Cyber Incident Breach Trends Report Internet Society-1and $120 million, respectively. And these incidents were their own fault – no hacker needed.


On the dark side, the Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance estimates in a new report that $45 billion was stolen by cybercriminals in 2018. CPO Magazine notes that, although the overall number of attacks was down, the cost was up:


“Ransomware losses rose by 60% in spite of the downturn in overall incidents, business email compromise losses rose by a staggering 200%, and there were three times as many cryptojacking incidents.”


In an older study, Carbonite found downtime – associated with a cyberattack or not – to cost the average small business between $130 and $430 per minute.

None of those include the costs to your firm’s reputation and morale after a successful cybersecurity failure.


The expense of protecting your firm’s data is far less than that of recovering from a successful cyberattack or security breach.


Guess where hackers start? Unpatched systems.


Some major pieces of Microsoft infrastructure will lose support before February of 2020. We urge you to upgrade to prevent the exploitation by cybercriminals of unmanaged and unsupported systems running old software.


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