We thank our partners at DocsCorp for sharing this blog post about the new release of cleanDocs 2.1. cleanDocs is a breakthrough technology that removes metadata from Microsoft Office, PDF and ZIP files at sub-second speeds.


Minimize risk and keep users working fast with cleanDocs 2.1


With this new release, cleanDocs is more than a metadata cleaning tool. Thanks to the new recipient checking feature in cleanDocs 2.1, it is the best way to safeguard what gets shared over email without clogging up Outlook with multiple products and add-ins.DocsCorp_logo_tagline


cleanDocs 2.1 prevents emails being inadvertently sent to the wrong person and cleans attachments of hidden metadata in a single step. It gives users two powerful ways to prevent unintentional data breaches and keep sensitive information secure.


Below we take a closer look at what these major enhancements mean for users.


Work more efficiently in Outlook

cleanDocs 2.1 is the only product on the market that offers both recipient checking and metadata cleaning. As a single Outlook add-in, the user will experience minimal interruptions since they are only required to interact with cleanDocs once.


When a user clicks Send, cleanDocs identifies potential issues within the list of recipients – like public and generic domains – and color-codes them according to risk level. From the Confirmation screen, the sender confirms that each addressee is an intended recipient. The user can then remove potentially harmful metadata from attachments, convert them to PDF and/or compress them into a ZIP file.


Manage your data better and comply with new regulations

Sending private client or sensitive business information over email unintentionally can be embarrassing and can badly damage a professional reputation. It is also treated as a data breach under many regulations including GDPR in Europe and the NDB Scheme in Australia.


cleanDocs can help prevent emails being sent to the wrong party, reducing the likelihood of data breaches and embarrassing email blunders. 


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