One click. That’s all it took. One single click.

Even Houdini couldn't escape every attack. (Photo: NYPL Public Domain)All the law firm’s data. All of it. Gone. Encrypted. Corrupted. The best you can hope for is that you get


your data back, though unauthorized people likely accessed it.

It’s like magic. Poof! Suddenly, your data isn’t yours.

Law firms, like all organizations, face the growing onslaught of rapidly evolving cyberattacks. Unlike most organizations, law firms hold significant stores of confidential information regulated by legal and ethical standards.

Most important, law firms’ clients trust them with highly sensitive information. Allowing that trust to be violated can end relationships.

On April 7, let Kyle Worley of Innovative Computing Systems walk you through the latest cybersecurity threats to law firms.

Recorded Webinar: Top Cybersecurity Issues to Law Firms
Cybersecurity is not magic, but even Houdini couldn’t escape all the attacks law firms face. Join the webinar and learn some new tricks.