It’s happened. You’ve done everything you can to defend your law firm from this day, but the hacker successfully breached your walls. Now, you’re faced with encrypted files, lost confidential data, demands for money, the insertion of other forms of malware on your network or, even worse, some combination of these and/or more malicious redmonster_pixabay.jpgactivities or demands.

What do you do now? Who needs to know? Who are you gonna call?

After the attack has been detected, you should always immediately inform fellow staff members and your IT department or managed services provider.

The obvious and most difficult call needs to be to your clients.  


Who else should you notify?

There are a variety of government and law enforcement agencies that collect and investigate such events.


Additionally, many of the above agencies offer a newsletter with alerts, tips, tricks and other cybersecurity resources.

Cybersecurity isn’t just hardware and software. It’s knowledge, and information-sharing is important in building that knowledge base. When your law firm or organization is attacked, share the information to get help and protect others.


Note that this is not comprehensive nor all-inclusive. For additional help, see:


Worried you may need to call the above agencies soon? Let us take a look before the attack.