Ransomware, in layman’s terms, is designed to extort money from law firms, companies and individuals by holding their data hostage. CryptoLocker (and its variants) is a type of ransomware that infects a computer and seeks out common data files, such as pictures, music, PDFs and Word and Excel documents. It then encrypts those files so the user can’t open them, leaving the victim two choices: pay the cybercriminal or lose the data.


Need an example? Check out what happened to the Town of Discovery Bay, Calif., when its network was compromised by CryptoLocker.

Unfortunately, it only takes one wrong click to become a victim. Thus, ransomware prevention is crucial for law firms of any size holding confidential information. And what law firm isn’t?


Download and use our 10 Steps to Ransomware Prevention:
A Checklist for Managing Computer Vulnerabilities
 to help ensure your law firm can survive a ransomware attack.



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