While Microsoft tools have long been the bedrock of law firms, the introduction of the Microsoft 365 (M365) ecosystem heralds a new era of innovation and efficiency that enables a true serverless solution and delivers transformative features to make it the “shiny new object” in business technology today. If you’re not familiar with its many capabilities, here are a few features we believe are necessary to highlight:  

Nex-gen cybersecurity – As Innovative Computing always leads with security, we will start there and showcase M365’s zero-trust environment. With fully integrated data encryption, least privilege access capabilities, built-in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO) and much more, law firms can fortify their digital perimeter, ensure sensitive information remains in trusted hands and elevate their security posture to a nationally recognized standard

Insanely modern endpoint management – The M365 ecosystem boasts modern endpoint management resources and an easy-to-use, single-pane interface. Redefining the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) security, the system includes data loss prevention tools and robust IT infrastructure controls to empower legal professionals to work confidently from anywhere on any device without compromising sensitive information. 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – Not just an Azure AD rebrand but an enhanced identity and access management solution, EntraID is a cloud-based directory and identity management service that uses advanced machine learning to authenticate and authorize user services. Copilot and Intune further complement the M365 suite, empowering law firms with intelligent insights, automating repetitive tasks and enhancing decision-making processes. The result is a legal practice that operates at the forefront of technological sophistication. 

Laptop imaging, our personal favorite – Gone are the days of setting up and deploying workstations. Here at Innovative Computing Systems, we’re all smiles when it comes to cool features like workstation imaging at the factory! Simplifying the onboarding process for new employees, your legal professionals will hit the ground running when their new (or replaced) device shows up at their home or office ready to go. No deleting “bloatware.” No installing anything. Just sign in and start working!  

The Innovative Serverless Solution – With most law firms now operating in (or moving quickly towards) a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, on-premises and even virtual infrastructure needs are diminishing. Innovative is at the forefront of the trend and our engineers are now integrating the M365 ecosystem with Azure services in a highly secure environment to create serverless solutions that are scalable, cost-effective and flexible.  

In the dynamic landscape of legal practice, staying ahead in technology is not just an advantage – it’s a necessity. The unveiling of Microsoft 365 marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of legal technology and law firms. The robust features and innovations redefine the IT landscape, offering a serverless solution that transcends traditional models.  

From next-gen cybersecurity to modern endpoint management and the infusion of artificial intelligence, M365 is not just a professional-grade operating system. It’s a catalyst propelling law firms into a future where security, innovation and efficiency seamlessly converge. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Microsoft 365 can benefit your firm, contact an Innovative Account Executive at 1-800-541-0450 or [email protected].