At Innovative Computing Systems, we believe in the value of education. We support and urge our staff members to make investments in themselves through additional formal and/or informal education. 


That makes our recent partnership with St. Gabriel’s Catholic School in Austin all the more special to us. St. Gabriel’s is the only independent Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade Catholic School in Austin.



While we’re known as a legal technology company, our work with St. Gabriel’s illustrates just how much we can do for other organizations as well. (Read this just-released case study about a town in California to get a better idea of how our abilities extend beyond just legal technology, though that is our focus.)


It all started with one request. As Eric Hoffmaster, manager of Innovative Computing Systems’ Austin-based Technical Assistance Center and lead engineer on the projects at the school, says, “St. Gabriel’s initially needed a specific technology issue addressed, but it turned into full-scale implementation of new technology followed by our CIO and Director of Technology services.”


Innovative has deployed new mobile device management software to support a fleet of hundreds of iPads, Chromebooks and laptops for St. Gabriel’s approximately 400 students, faculty and staff. The company will also perform 24×7 system administration, including monitoring, data backups and remote support. For on-site support, Innovative is helping St. Gabriel’s formalize its own help desk procedures by building a ticketing and response system, hiring IT staff and providing an interim Director of Technology, among other initiatives.


Daniel McKenna, Head of School at St. Gabriel’s, said, “St. Gabriel’s Catholic School is excited to partner with Innovative to take the next step in educational technology management. This is a new model for schools and, I think, is the way of the future.”


Innovative is also helping St. Gabriel’s plan the technological infrastructure of a new addition to the school.


“We want to ensure the school meets its goal of having the latest technological products and software in students’ and teachers’ hands without the lack of support and management problems faced by many schools. We are developing new ways to centralize systems, streamline IT and build-in efficiency,” Hoffmaster said.


Beyond IT infrastructure and managed services, Innovative is implementing physical education and fitness reporting software and new educational software for students and teachers in the high-demand areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). In addition, new software will allow the school nurse to use a health information system where they can input student health records and allow parents to view the records and add student health information.


Michael Kemps, CEO of Innovative Computing Systems, says, “Innovative Computing Systems looks forward to working with more educational institutions in the future.”


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